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EzyPO - The Paperless Purchase Order Software

The fastest way to create, approve and send orders. Just log onto EzyPO via a web browser to create orders. Approve them from your Blackberry or smartphone anywhere in the world where you can get a connection. EzyPO ensures you have complete control over spending. You actually know what you have committed or are about to commit, every minute of the day and there is no lag time between the order being approved and being entered on your system.

The approval process is simple, sophisticated and flexible.

For each person who will create orders, you setup an appropriate chain of approval - this way an Art Director is not approving costume orders etc. This can be based on amount ranges and/or free field flagging.

If a studio Executive is setup in the approval process for orders over ?0,000, then all orders below this limit will skip the studio executive. To create the order the individual user simply types (or imports a compatible quote) into EzyPO, INSTEAD of filling out conventional four part carbon paper purchase order forms. Supplier address, contact details etc are automatically recalled if the supplier has been used before.

The user can also attach supporting documents like PDF quotes, JPG Photo's, Word Documents or Excel files to the Order which can then be viewed by those approving the order. Approvers are notified by email when they have orders to be approved.

Once approved it moves along the approval chain until it is fully approved. Orders are approved sequentially so if you are a UPM you do not see an order until your dept head and anyone else in a sequence below you has approved it first (like a paper order would be approved).

Once fully approved an order number is allocated and a copy of the order can be faxed and/or emailed to the supplier automatically. The cost report is also automatically updated if used in combination with our state of the art accounting software, Eclipse.

If an order changes, the user can simply modify the order and send it off to be approved again.

Approvers can see the original order and compare the changes before approving the revised order. Only the originator and anyone in the approval chain process can see the order.


We all know PO's are often sent to suppliers without proper authorization. People freely admit this when they start using EzyPO, "How do I get a PO number before it is approved?". The system DOES NOT issue a number until it has been fully approved. Some suppliers may be happy to supply goods before they receive a physical order but upon opening an account we warn - no PO no payment.


Following on from this point - there should be no surprises in the cost report because everything has been approved correctly and it is all done in real time so we always know exactly what has been approved and what is coming down the line. Compare that to the delays experienced when a traditional PO is written (and probably sent to the supplier), sent to be approved manually, sat in a tray (or occasionally getting lost) to finally being keyed into the accounting system by the accounts team. On a big show with lots of orders this could amount to 2-3 weeks behind what is really going on - the wave effect.


Because suppliers have only ever traditionally been given a PO number then the PO for some car hire incorrectly done at a 30+ day rate for 7 days is not picked up until the invoice comes in months down the track. The supplier will contact the production if the PO is wrong as they know accounts only pay as per the PO amounts.


As the PO's are keyed in at a departmental level with codes and items flagged as assets and so on (codes and asset flagging can also be entered\changed during the approval process) then cost reports are much more accurate as there are no miscodes or flags missed when accounts enter the PO manually. Also, departments can actually read a ledger inquiry as it has all the details they typed into the PO in the Ledger.


Orders actually get approved quicker using EzyPO than the traditional method. Urgent orders can be tracked on-line to find out who the current approver is and where to give a gentle reminder. Once a user gets used to the system, they actually find it much quicker to type an order than write one. People that do lots of orders LOVE IT because it is easy to go back and find old orders as they can search on PO number, Supplier name etc.


Users are warned by email a week before the end of a hire and again on the last day urging them to check if the hire is complete and if not extend. This alone is a good enough reason for using EzyPO. This is usually one of the biggest problems for cost blow outs.


Easy for users to extend or change orders. No messy (multiple) change order forms that users need to keep writing out. Just change the original order online and if it increases above a set % or amount it will go around for approval again also showing the original order for comparison.


Approval can be done online or via email (Blackberry, PDA, iPhone, Outlook etc.)


The approval chain is set per user so different departments can have different people approving them. You can set to skip approvers if the amount is greater or less than a set amount. Approvals can also be triggered based on the supplier and/or free field flagging (Insurance claims, Assets, Damages etc). You can even nominate more than one person at each step of the approval chain if you need that flexibility.


Global warming is a real threat. EzyPO is a significant step towards the paperless office. Reduce your carbon footprint today!


We also supply Excel PO templates which users can fill in and simply import into EzyPO. And we have developed our own XML specifications so supplier's who provide quotes to you in this file format can be imported into EzyPO.


EzyPO is licensed on a per show per year basis. Only the number of licensed users can connect concurrently.


All users will need to learn how to create or approve and order. The system is really not difficult and there is a manual and online video's to smooth this process.


Internet - it is an internet based system so if the internet goes down so does the ability to do\approve orders. But users can easily switch to the Excel Templates so once the internet comes back online they can quickly process their orders.


Crew on the road or on set do not have a PO book. This could really be seen as a benefit. One of the most frequently asked questions is "What about the dresser who is on the road?" - sure, but what about proper approvals? We do create "blanket" orders for some depts that need to go down the hardware store and pickup miscellaneous items with a fixed weekly max - but we used to do that with paper orders as well. There is also nothing stopping a production using a combination of paper order books and electronic PO's. You just need to make sure your numbers don't overlap.


EzyPO gives you so much more than we are used to in the Film & TV Industry. The bigger the show the more important part EzyPO will play in keeping a lid on production purchasing. For productions spread out in different locations locally and internationally it makes sense to not only have all this information in a central database but also to have proper authorization for purchasing. We are in the digital age and EzyPO is the future for production purchasing.