Our Services

TPH - Payroll Services

Now fully established at our Teddington Studio offices, and with a number of major Film & TV productions under our belts, TPH provides a full service, state of the art payroll. Our friendly team can handle payroll in all shapes and sizes. Experience at a production level has taught us that each project has its own unique payroll requirements, so we designed our system to be as versatile and time saving as possible. ....more

TPH Global Ltd - Payroll services for the Film & TV industries

TPH - Post Production Accounting Services

TPH Global UK provides in-house post-production accounting services. Hourly pricing allows us to keep your overall cost in line with the scale of the individual project. We have a wide range of experience in this area so please contact us anytime to find out how we can meet your post accounting requirements.....more

TPH - Budgeting, Cashflows, Co-production and DCMS analysis

TPH Global UK can produce budgets and cashflows, assistance with co-production splits and DCMS analysis, as well as offering advice on crewing for your accounting staff. If you are looking for any help for your next project, please contact us at anytime.....more