Eclipse - The Production Accounting Software

Key Advantages

Flexible System and User Setup

System Options enable a production specific set up. User Options enable individual default settings to be applied, speeding up your input process.

Powerful Security

Eclipse has a very powerful security system that allows you to tailor access to individual users or groups. You can set controls for access, printing, reporting, inputting and posting across all modules.

Unrivalled Excel Support

Eclipse has unparalleled Excel connectivity. When Eclipse sends data to Excel it opens the spreadsheet, then formats and displays the data automatically. It's quick and easy to do - open the browse, highlight the data you want to send, and click the Excel button. It works the other way too, allowing forms to be completed in Excel then imported into Eclipse.

Browse, Search And Query Data

All entry and inquiry screens display data in a browser. Columns can be sorted (in ascending or descending order), swapped, highlighted, hidden, or tagged. You can also easily locate data in any browser. Simply click on the relevant column and then type the value in the search box to find all entries in your criteria. Or use the Query Builder to filter data within the browser, highlighting the detail you want.

Multiple Open Windows

No need to close the module you are working in. You can browse multiple windows simultaneously.

Set-up As You Go

During data entry, if a vendor or chart of account does not exist then simply create it as you go.

Comprehensive VAT and GST Support

With the ability to use unlimited tax types to track your recoverable VAT or GST you can operate across numerous territories and currencies with ease. During data entry a separate tax field triggers the inclusion of a distribution line, as well as calculating the pre-determined tax rate. A Balance Tax Button ensures correct flagging of taxable and non-taxable items.

Archive to pdf

Quickly find and review images of your original paperwork without going to the filing cabinet. Archive all your documentation and attach it to the corresponding entry in the ledgers.